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5ft, 140 pounds, 34 DD,15" biceps, calves 15"

I'm a fighter. Motivated, strong and working hard to achieve my goals.

My life started as a big fight: born 2 months too early, I had to fight to stay alive. It took 1 whole year before I could leave the hospital!

This early fight has made me strong! At school I was athletic, active in dance, track & field, volleyball. Next to sports I loved being on stage at school plays and beauty pageants.

At high school I started training in the gym. I had no idea what I was doing, jumping from one machine to the other. But I was hooked!

At college I focused on my degree in Aviation and Computer Science. Once I graduated I became fascinated with the women in fitness magazines and started looking for a gym to become a figure athlete. I was amazed by the transformation my body was making!! When I entered my first contest, I won the entire show. After 1 year of competing I gained pro status with the PNBA.

Then it was time for the next step in my bodybuilding carreer: get my IFBB Pro Card. Well, after having done a few NPC shows, I am now IFBB Pro en will start my pro competitions in 2014, going for the Women's Physique category.


So now you know my story and how I got into the sport of fitness/bodybuilding. But there is so much more to me.

I'm a person who loves to laugh, joke, meet new people, spread a positive, lively vibe, travel.

I'm also a sensual person. Loving the sex, fantasies and fetishes.

I'm a dominatrix with 8 years of BDSM experience and I love overpowering men.

I love overpowering you, seeing the admiration in your eyes as I held you helplessly under my powerful body. You can expect super hot squeezing that will leave you breathless. Literally! Lights out fast!

I also love S&M fetishes from mild to the extreme. If you're a beginner, I will take it easy and can also help you explore your limitations and find new horizons. For the more experienced I cater to the most extreme fetishes. Check my BDSM Fetish list on this page.


I earned my Pro Card in 2013, at the NPC North Americans. Below you can see how I got there!

2010 INBA Gulf State Championship (San Antonio, TX)
- Overall Figure Winner
- Figure Open Class - 1st place
- Figure Short Class - 1st place
- Figure Classic Open - 1st place
- Figure Classic Novice - 1st place

2010 INBA/PNBA Natural Olympia (Reno, Nevada)
- Figure Short - 2nd place
- Figure Classic - 2nd place
- Pro Figure - 3rd place

2011 Texas LoneStar (Galveston, Tx)
- 1st Figure Short Class

2011 Figure Universe (Miami, Fl)
-2nd place Figure

2012 NPC Europa Supershow Championships
-4th place Physique

2012 NPC Texas State Championships
-2nd place Physique

2013 NPC Nationals
-7th place Physique

2013 IFBB North American Championships
-3rd Place Physique, IFBB Pro Card earned!

2014 IFBB Omaha Pro
-13th Place Women's Physique. Awesome experience, doing my first Pro show!