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Welcome to my place on the web! Here you can find everything to satisfy your wild Ebony Muscle Goddess fantasies!

Allow me to introduce myself.

I'm an Ebony Muscle Dominatrix with 8 years of BDSM experience and I love overpowering men.

As a Muscle Goddess, I’m that Sexy, Fit, Strong, Dominant Female Bodybuilder of your dreams. I AM the Ebony Goddess of Entanglements! I love overpowering you, seeing the admiration in your eyes as I held you helplessly under my powerful body and you worship my muscles. Squeezing you into submission. Helplessly between my rock hard thighs. You belong to me! I love the moment that I see in your eyes that I control you, completely, with my power & mind. The moment that I made you mine completely!

As a Dominatrix I am into all fetishes and love even doing the most extreme fetishes. Yes, I am a truly extreme Dominatrix. Open minded & interested in the many fetishes that bring color to this world.

I'm also a very motivated, dedicate IFBB Pro athlete, that wants to grow on the bodybuilding stage, bringing the best out of my physique possible. This body is being build to perfection, with rockhard round glutes, exploding biceps, lats like wings, muscular bulging thighs and my trademark calfs!

On this website you can explore all sides of me. My muscle fantasies, my fetishes. Join now and you won't be disappointed!

-xxx Ashley Starr, 2014



Monday February 3rd, at 9AM
I was on a Radio Station!
98 Rock Baltimore

Here are 2 pictures & a clip of me there!

the-amazing-life-of-ebony-fetish-muscle-goddess-ashley-starr (12).jpg
the-amazing-life-of-ebony-fetish-muscle-goddess-ashley-starr (12).jpg





ashley starr update picture ashley starr update picture
Face Sitting Fem Fem Wrestling
ashley starr update picture ashley starr update picture
Booty Bouncing Booty Bounching
ashley starr update picture ashley starr update picture
Fem/Fem Domination Hot Ebony Nudity


I'm visiting the following cities these days, in great contest shape!


  • November 4-5, Dallas, TX, contest shape
  • November 26-28, Santa Barbara, CA
  • November 30-December 1, Las Vegas
  • December 3, New York
  • December 4, Baltimore
  • December 5 Philadelphia
  • December 6-8, New York
  • December 9-10, Boston
  • December 11-13, Tampa

2015 European Tour, January

  • January 13-15 London, UK
  • January 16-17 Paris, France
  • January 18-19 Oslo, Norway
  • January 20 Copenhagen, Denmark
  • January 21 Vienna, Austria
  • January 22-24 Zurich, Switzerland
  • January 25 Milan, Italy
  • January 26-27 Roma, Italy
  • January 28-29 Athens, Greece
  • January 30 -Febuary 8 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Email me for bookings!








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