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Session Reviews:

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April, 2014

On the day Wednesday 02/04/2014 was the day i think i wont forget because i had the amazing opportunity to meet the most sexy and gorgeous woman i didn't expect to know either in my dreams. the most waited moment just got when i arrived to the place to meet her, the only struggling moment was i couldn't find her room as fast as i could but finally meet her. She was a kind of mad at me because i acted kind childish it wasn't my fault. the building is huge was kind of hard to find her room. As soon as get into her room i was kind of nervous and i didn't say anything just i did a gesture like asking for forgiveness to making her mad without reason then she saw me and gave me a smile i think i cant forget. after that i just said what did you expect a was like kind of surprise because she was surprised. i think both of us were surprised about each other. she was kind a cute and petite that was the most attractive feature from her. i didn't expect her to be petite at least medium size. But everything was surprising she just told me to get comfortable myself and hug me i could realize she just came up from the gym and she was pumped. she got into her bathroom i didn't have to wait too much i think was 15 minutes then she came out that  moment was exciting she shows up wearing a black short skirt and white top thank with heels. Oh my God!!!! She has an amazing muscular body and sexy physique her presence just left me speechless and she started to pose and flex her biceps those were so hard but a the same time she has a kind smooth skin. i just started to caress her her arms and other thing catch up my attention were her well developed calves those were incredible sexy. She suddenly catch me vulnerable between her legs ,she was about to crush my neck but she smoothly do it. i really liked to have those muscular thighs into my face. then i proceed to give her a complete massage with a lotion, her skin was amazing i was enjoying to touch her. then she got into the bed that was incredible her posing was extremely sexy. it was jaw dropping. She did her thing no comments here lol....... then i gave her another massage then i asked her to model for me, i have to say she is an excellent model her figure and presence helps a lot then she decide to wear a long dress was amazing too. Finally we got into a conversation i was very comfortable with her and we had long talking about each other and getting to know one another. Then she asked me to sooth myself because i was so shaky and sweaty and she was teasing me with these things make fun of me that is another thing i like from her, she crack me up and make me have a laugh. her sense of humor is fantastic. i think i could have a very hard time quitting laughing because she really knows how to joke and make men laugh. Anyway she is almost a perfect woman she has an extremely sexy and muscular body. nice personality and incredible attitude. my time with her was 100%  worth  i give her 5 stars  no matter what and surely i going to get a second meeting with her in the near future. Lately she did a wonderful pose for me with one difference she make me kissed her biceps that was the sensual part i liked the most. Actually my session with her was seductive and sensual in nature that's why i liked the session because I'm a sensual person and fortunately she is too. Sadly my time was over and said bye bye and leaving with a big smile on my face after that amazing experience with that kind of woman. Thank you Ashley.




I had the pleasure of meeting Ashley yesterday for a very enjoyable two hour session. As she greeted me, I was in awe of just how muscular she is for her height. Considering she was off season, she had very well defined hard abs and nicey shaped muscles. She has a gorgeous smile and a really nice, friendly personality. The session consisted of two sided belly punching. This lady can take a punch and dish it out and she certainly wore me out. When she applied her head scissors, which are devastating, she had me submitting with ease. I would describe Ashley as a little muscular fire cracker who is a lot of fun and I would recommend seeing her. I can't wait until we next meet.